streda, 23. apríla 2014

reconstruction old apartment in downtown

The original apartment had no electricity, no bathroom, no kitchen, just small toilet was there, entrance - where originally was kitchen with small pantry food and two more rooms. There lived 7 people, 3 generations.  We had to bring new  water to the new kitchen under the floor. From small toilet and small pantry food we made normall size bathroom. In entrance is big closet and smaller closet with laundry. New bathroom has big shower place and small washbasin, and space for toilet. Next room is kitchen with living room. The owner lives social life so she prefer partys in the living room which has quick access to the kitchen. And the last room, second one, is bedroom. With original wall, it looks amazing. 
This apartment was done in 2012 for one slovak curator Zuzana.   
this wall is original old wall
here you can see there are just 2 rooms, the first is kitchen and living room together, and second one is bedroom.
coffetable from designer Jana Novakova from KEKS design 
homemade kitchen table with the table leg by Nadabula 
bathroom still miss the cover to the shower

pondelok, 7. apríla 2014

utorok, 18. marca 2014


ranajkaren rozpravka na rohu. utulne miesto pre neskore ranajky. s vkusom robeny priestor. posudte sami.
breakfast farytale on the corner. cozy place for your brunch. this space made taste taken. judge for yourself.

utulne, az na tie strisky v interiery.
cozy place, beyond those sheds

cierne stavby 2

dalsia cierna stavba v kosiciach, myslim tym farba:D - cierna fasada, cierna ja in
another black building in the city, i mean black color  - black facade, black is in